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The devil of Gosupe

The native of Lizums Vilis Zvaigznītis has made the devil of Gosupe as a peculiar monument to the land reclamation works.

Stameriena narrow gauge railway station

The station is located in the center of Stāmeriena parish (oldest name Vārgaļi), started to build in 1907. Now in Stāmeriena station interactive stand is placed, where you can find information about Gulbene-Alūksne narrow gauge railway Bānītis and tourism information about Gulbene region. 

Lejasciems Stone Swans

In Lejasciems on July 29, 2017, a new environmental object "Lejasciems stone swans" was opened, which is located on the bank of the river Tirza, where in the past, until 1962 was a bridge over Tirza.