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Druviena Manor

It is possible to search for the dawn of Druviena Manor at the end of 17th century. There was elementary school unveiled in the year 1951 in Manors castle.

Beļava Manor

The castle is one of the oldest master’s dwelling houses in Gulbene Region that is preserved until nowadays. The castle was rebuilt as a school in the 20th century.

Lizums Manor

The most glamorous building is the castle, which became into the property of Baron Otto Johann Gottlieb von Volffat 1836. In the middle of 19th century castle was rebuild in Tudor Neo-Gothic style. Today the castle is managed by Lizums Secondary School. Lizums Secondary School Exposition of Local History is located in the tower of castle, it tells about history of region, well-known Latvian writer Apsīšu Jēkabs and others.