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The house of artist Jānis Brekte “Saulieši”

“Saulieši” is a former servant house of Lizuma manor, which was built in early 19th century. It was assigned to Marta, a mother of Jānis Brekte, in the year 1922 for her husbands merits in fights of Freedom. Downstairs there are several painting workshops and the rooms with antique and memorial objects in honour of Jānis Brekte.

The exposition of historical evidence of the Soviet Union period in the Local History Repository of Tirza Civil Parish

Visitors can feel the atmosphere of the USSR period in interactive activities: forming legends on historical evidences, participating in choir singing, dancing Letkis, making paper air-planes and hlapuška (small fireworks). You can see unique historical evidences from late Iron Age, North War, the 19th century and the time of beginning of independent Latvia. Interesting stories and thematic activities are offered.