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Economic exposure, exhibition space, open stock storage “Klēts”.

The permanent exhibition “Tautsaimniecība” (“Economy”). A variety of activities for newlyweds, students, craftsmen and others.

Vecgulbene Manor barn was built in the 2nd half of the 19th century as a grain storage building – a magazine. It kept grain reserve of Vecgulbene parish farmers as a guaranty for years of crop failure and other disasters. After the agrarian reform in the 20th century, the building was used as a warehouse for different economic needs (army, kolkhoz, etc.). From the year 1982 the barn is opened collection storage of Gulbene Municipality History and Art Museum.

After the implementation of various projects, including the project “Vecgulbene Manor barn – the keeper of rural heritage” which was realized in the year 2015, the quality of rural cultural heritage storage and expose and its use in museum educational programs has been promoted.

The replica of mill, 4 metal tools which have been used for work in the forest and the missing parts of rope making wheel and the machine has been restored. The direct sound audio system, which creates specific sounds according to the theme has been located in this opened collection storage. It creates a special feeling in the museum.

In novadays in opened collection storage of Gulbene Municipality History and Art Museum located in Vecgulbene Manor barn more than 1300 units are available for visitors.