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The landscape garden of Inta Balode

The garden of Inta Balode is located in Miera Street 11, Lejasciems. It is created as a collection garden by adapting the principles of landscape garden as far as possible. The garden is located in sandy cost of river Tirza, these conditions are the ones  that determine plant selection. The largest part of the garden is reserved for evergreen coniferous trees, wintergreens, as well as ornamental shrubs.

Garden has been created for about 20 years, it has survived collections of dahlias and roses, it is now more focused on lilies and wintergreens or grass. Beautiful color accents can be seen in May, when the young shoots of coniferous are formed, the brooms are flowering, including small ground plants and tulips. Around midsummer, when the meadows and fields displays their splendor, the garden revives summer flowers, waiting for the lily blooming period in July. August delights with phlox, hydrangea, Monarda, Liatris, Helenius and other plant blooms. The landscape garden could be an interesting for those who are interested in plant diversity, compatibility, and breeding.

Miera iela 11, Lejasciems, Gulbenes novads
+371 26141536