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Gulbene-Alūksne narrow gauge railway (Bānītis)

Gulbene-Aluksne railway or Bānītis is the last operational narrow gauge railway in Baltics.

Book a groupp tour or hire a train for party, fir an enjoyable trip in a historic carriage or for activities organised according to your plans.

Bānītis offers the following on regular or special trains:
• Excursions for private parties or corporate events                                                                          • Guided tours by train
• Train robberies and other shows
• Activities for wedding parties
• Refreshments on the train and in the open air

You are welcome to come on a guided tour of Gulbene depot, engine shed and workshops.
There is dual – broad and narrow-gauge turntable – the only one of this kind in Latvia. Rides
on the pump trolley and railbike are available.
You are welcome to the festive activities, which take place at Easter, Saint Martin’s Day,
and Christmas as well as the traditional Banitis Festival in September. Many visitors enjoy
our thematic railway trips such as the “Cheese and Wine Trip” or the “Honey and Bread

Guest house “DEPO”

Accomodation is available at the freshly renovated soviet-era railway men’s hostel adjoining the depot building, as well as in less traditional places of accomodation – the parlour car, tents near the depot or in the Kalnena railway station by separate agreement.

Railwaymen’s hostel offers
• Seven double rooms
• One 4-beds room

Camping area
• Tent camping site (up 30 visitors)
• Caravan site suitable for motor homes and camper trailers.

Parlour car of Estonian Communist Party leaders
• Four 2-beds Soviet style “luxury” compartment and a meeting room for those staying in this car.
Guests have free use of showers and a fully equipped kitchen/dining room as well as a secure car park and bicycle storage facility.