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Deer garden „MEŽSĒTAS”

“MEŽSĒTAS” is located in Stradu parish, where the breeding deer farm is located in the middle of Pededze in at about 200ha wide territory. There you can not only see and feed deer, but also stay in a guest house. A sauna, barbecue and a gazebo for picnics are also available. There ar also 13 hectares of ponds where different species of fish – catfish, carp, tench, eel and others can be fished for a special fee about this activity.

The deer are placed behind a sturdy 2.4m high fence for anyone to see. There are 15 observation towers in the forest area, and the tower is also on the bridge that connects Gulbene and Balvi counties across Pededze river, where deer are transported to summer pastures and allow tourists to enjoy the beautiful landscape.  From September to November, it is sometimes possible to watch deer bull fights, during which one of the wrestlers usually departs from their beautiful horn ornament, while children will certainly be delighted to have a close look at the lovable roe deer.
Before going to a deer garden, it is advisable to call and arrange a visit, as deer often have to be removed from far pasture before they can be viewed. It is possible to hire a guide that tells about deer, their breeds, breeding and hunting characteristics. There are various hunting trophies available at the souvenir shop.

We offer:

– accommodation (12 persons);

– Celebration room (up to 20 persons);


– fishing in fish ponds;

– tent and picnic areas;

– bathing area;

– visiting the deer garden;


-Safari tour through the deer garden area.

Mežsētas, Stradi parish, Gulbene region
mezsetas97@inbox.lv +371 29104212