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Disc golf park “Stari

Disc golf park “Stari” is located near the Stari motor trace in Daukstu parish. In the first season disc golf park “Stari” is available completely for free if the players have their own discs.

The game with a rental discs can be tried contacting first with coordinator of disc golf park “Stari” Arvis Rubenis (+371 22002293). Price of a set for rent 5.00 EUR/person ( minimum group of people- 5), groups of students – 3.00 EUR / person (minimum group of people – 15). The set for each participant includes three discs (for  middle, medium and long- distance litters). In case of the loss of the disc, You have to pay back its value 10.00 EUR.

Disc golf park is available every day from 11:00 – 21:00 (apply in advance).